Fundraising for Neighborhood Assistance

The Kansas City Metropolitan Crime Commission is a nationally recognized non-profit that advocates, develops strategies, and operates innovative programs that bring people and public safety agencies together to power a safer, better Greater Kansas City community.  Through programs like Crime Stoppers, TIPS Hotline, Second Chance, and the Metropolitan Community Service Program (MCSP), the Crime Commission tackles its mission of crime prevention with a comprehensive approach.

In July 2015, these three programs joined together to assist ten neighborhoods (See Map) which experience a particularly high crime rate and border Prospect Avenue. The Adopt Prospect project is a crime prevention Neighborhood Assistance Program (NAP) project approved by the City of Kansas City Missouri. It is now also supported by the Missouri State Department of Economic Development. We are offering Crime Commission business donors 50% tax credits for contributions in support of the project.

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Donations to the project will allow the Crime Commission to expand services.

  • MCSP will focus on decreasing blighted conditions that contribute to an environment for crime in the project area.
  • Second Chance will focus on reducing recidivism of parolees living in the project area.
  • Crime Stoppers KC Most Wanted Newspaper will target fugitives for arrest who are residing or frequenting the project area.

Learn more about how each of our programs can help below.

Our NAP Programs

The Metropolitan Community Service Program (MCSP) was established in 1994 as a public safety program to support the judges, prosecutors and probation officers find legitimate work sites for individuals with court ordered community service hours. Now, 21 years later, MCSP is a win-win-win program. It’s a win for the 90 plus metro area court jurisdictions served; a win for the over 50 nonprofit, faith-based and government work sites who benefit from cost free labor valued at $1.5 million annually, and a win for the clients who get the chance to redeem themselves and contribute to their community.

Adopt Prospect is a special worksite established in 2007 under the City of Kansas City Missouri’s Adopt A Street program. Tons of litter/debris/discarded tires have been removed from along the corridor every Sunday since it started. Blight reduction is an important part of crime prevention.

Research shows that access to basic needs like employment and housing are a crucial factor in preventing ex-offenders from committing more crime and returning to prison. Neighborhoods can be made safer if parolees are not contributing to the crime problem.

The Second Chance Program partners with Missouri Probation & Parole to assist with risk reduction efforts, including a very successful employment assistance and housing program. Unemployed and underemployed Second Chance participants who reside in the Adopt Prospect corridor are given access to Second Chance’s employment assistance resources.  The Adopt Prospect NAP project has a goal to reduce recidivism of offenders living in the MCSP corridor.

Greater Kansas City Crime Stoppers may be best known for the anonymous 816-474-TIPS Hotline, but the program’s crime fighting efforts also include Kansas City’s Most Wanted Newspaper. Published every 3 weeks, the paper features photos of the most wanted fugitives in the city. Readers of the paper pass on anonymous lead information to local law enforcement. The programs efforts have resulted in over 500 fugitives being apprehended. The KC Most Wanted Newspaper is currently available metro-wide at local convenience stores. The Adopt Prospect NAP Project would create a focus on increasing distribution in the target area, thus increasing anonymous tips and arrests for fugitives in ten project area neighborhoods.

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